Holistic Therapy by Shelley Maude - Reflexologist based Molesey, Surrey

Reflexology and me

I became interested in reflexology in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I remember having reflexology and the baby moving in such a strange way it felt like magic.  It was fascinating, how could that happen by someone touching my feet?  I started reading about reflexology and the more I read the more amazed I became.  I did an introductory reflexology course at Esher college, after the first lesson I was completely hooked and decided there and then I was going to be a Reflexologist.  I went on to complete a Level 3 ITEC Diploma in Reflexology at Kingston-Upon-Thames College.  I am also a member of the Association of Reflexologists, go to www.aor.org.uk  for more information.

Fertility, Pregnancy and me

I am a specialise in Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology.  I did my diploma with Louise Keet, author of The Reflexology Bible and Guide to a Successful Pregnancy, at the London School of  Reflexology.  

Bringing new life into the world is a wonderful gift, if I can help people achieve this I feel my work is done!

Other Treatments and me

As a reflexologist I have become increasingly interested in other holistic treatments. I love India (I lived there for 3 years) and have always had an interest in Ayurvedic medicine (and especially massage).  Ayurvedic medicine is more popular in India than western medicine. My fascination of feet, ayurvedic philosophy and India drew me to the Ayurvedic  Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage as offered by my inspiring Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Mary Dalgleish.  If you like intense foot and leg massage then this is the treatment for you. 

It was also Mary who introduced me to Facial Rejuvenation, or natural facelift as it is often referred to, also based on an Ayurvedic philosophy.  I didn't believe it was possible, especially when I learned that it is a product free treatment. They say seeing is believing and when I did an introductory course in Facial Rejuvenation / Natural Facelift I was astounded by the results.  I am amazed more people don't know about it.  I've been very fortunate in being a fellow student's case study, I have to say it is the most relaxing treatment I've ever experienced.

Aromatherapy and me

I love Essential Oils and have first hand experience of the effect on our wellbeing.  Although I cannot call myself an aromatherapist (yet), I have been trained and am fully insured to use 14 different Essential Oils during my work as a reflexologist.  I think there's something very special having a blend of oil made fresh, just for you.

For more details on either Reflexology / Ayurvedic foot massage / Facial Rejuvenation / Aromatherapy please see the informaton under those headings on this website or please feel free to contact me.

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