Holistic Therapy by Shelley Maude - Reflexologist based Molesey, Surrey
Reflexology for infertilityFertility Reflexology

For many couples it is an emotional and physical roller coaster to achieve a viable pregnancy. The trend for couples starting a family later in life, often in their 30’s or even 40’s, coupled with today's pressures has seen a huge increase in fertility problems.  There is much evidence that stress, various medical conditions and lifestyle choices can affect fertility. Reflexology can help lower stress levels, counter balance negative lifestyle choices and in turn boost fertility.  My approach to fertility is not just about giving reflexology but rather analysing current lifestyles in order to help increase the chances of conceiving. 

Reflexology for infertility

If you're trying to conceive this recent article, from Natural Fertility.com December 2018 is worth a read.

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