Holistic Therapy by Shelley Maude - Reflexologist based Molesey, Surrey
Reflexology for successful pregnancy and labourPost Natal Reflexology

Pregnancy over, baby is here!  A time to rejoice yet it can also be a very trying time.  Hormones can nose dive and emotions can be effected enormously.  A huge number of new Mothers struggle adapting to this new phase of life.  Reflexology is a great way of achieving homeostasis (i.e. putting the body back into balance).  It is also a great way to ease anxiety.  There is evidence that regular treatments can prevent or reduce effects of postnatal depression.  It may also assist with: 
Reflexology to improve lactation i.e. improve breastfeeding·         Inadequate lactation
·         Urine retention
·         Digestive disorders
·         Backache
·         Sleep problems
·         Energy levels

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