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Immune System

Will Reflexology Help Me?

One thing I am asked in my working capacity as a Reflexologist over and over again,  is whether reflexology will cure a problem or a condition.  It could be trying to conceive for a baby, or relieving pain, boosting a lowered immune system, going into labour, improving sex drive or energy levels, even losing weight (NB: there are claims that reflexology may help with all these).

The answer is always the same: 'it might help'.  There are unfortunately no guarantees.  You see, Reflexology is a very individual treatment which effects people in different ways, as every person is different so is the individual response.

Reflexology for the immune system

Give your immune system a boost with Reflexology

The immune system is crucial to our wellbeing, it is responsible for protecting the body from external influences that are harmful to the body and facilitating the smooth flow of the interstitial fluids.  It is the first line of defense for viruses, diseases and illnesses.  The immune system identifies bacteria and pathogen cells and eliminates them, it also is responsible for removing waste matter.

When our immune system is under pressure the smooth flow of fluids in our body can be effected and often get blocked, this can lead to a weakness in our immune system.
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